Weight Loss Surgery for Patient with Ulcerative Colitis

by Kris B.
(Chesterfield, MI)


Is it safe to have weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve in my case) if I have ulcerative colitis?

I just had AAA repair surgery one month ago for colon ischemia.

Is it safe to move forward with surgery?

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Surgeon response to "Weight Loss Surgery for Patient with Ulcerative Colitis"

by: John Rabkin, MD


As long as your ulcerative colitis (UC) is quiescent (the associated colonic inflammation is under control with or without medications) you should be safe to proceed with a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG).

If you are taking medications to treat your UC, some of them may need to be interrupted for a period of time after the VSG which may allow your UC to flare; this should be carefully reviewed in advance of the VSG with both your gastroenterologist as well as your bariatric surgeon.

However, if you just underwent surgery to repair your aortic aneurysm (AAA) I would advise against proceeding with weight loss surgery until you are fully recovered from that prior surgical intervention which, I believe, would be a minimum of three months, preferably four to six months, after the AAA repair.

John Rabkin,
M.D. Pacific Laparoscopy


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