Weight loss will not stop after mini gastric bypass surgery

by Hadi Radwan
(Beirut - Lebanon)

I am a 45 years old male, 180 cm tall. I did the mini gastric bypass on 17/3/2010 – I was 126 kgs. To date I have lost around 55 kgs (Now I’m 71 kgs). My blood tests are normal.

I’m trying so hard not to lose weight anymore, but it seems that I’m still losing around 1 kg per month.

I need to know if my weight loss will stop – is it normal to lose all this weight??

I’m eating normally and I can eat almost all kinds of food, but I’m not regaining any weight at all.

Should I consider a reverse of the operation?

Thank you,


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Response to weight loss after Mini Bypass

by: r. Marc Bessler, Center for Metabolic & Weight Loss Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center

Dear Hadi,
Glad to hear you have done well with the weight loss. Your weight is normal now and I would expect the weight loss to slow and then stop soon. You did not mention how many calories you take in and if you have diarrhea. There are ways to help you absorb more of what you eat if that is the issue. Usually if you are eating well and not absorbing you will have at least loose BM's if not diarrhea. Having weight loss surgery requires regular follow up with a doctor knowledgeable about it so they will be able to guide you with your specific issues.You should have your vitamins and minerals checked. In the rare situation that there is too much weight loss the operation can be revised....
Best of luck and please follow up with an experienced bariatric doctor or surgeon soon.

Dr. Marc Bessler

long island bariatric surgeon

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Have you checked in with your doctor?

by: Beth

Hello, Hadi. First of all, because I'm a silly American, I had to convert all your metrics to something I could understand. Hahaha!

So, by my conversion, you are 5' 10" and went from about 278 pounds to about 156 -- and you're still losing about 2.2 pounds a month.

Depending on your body type, you may be too thin, or you may be just right. Not knowing you or being able to see you, it's hard to determine where you fall.

I would suggest, however, that if you're concerned about it and feeling that you're TOO thin, you consult your physician and have him help you determine if you should do any type of surgery to correct this, if it doesn't stop.

Good luck to you.

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