Weight Regain After Total Unfill of Lap Band

by Mindy


I had lap band surgery in July 2007 . The day I hit my goal weight of 125 pounds after losing 125 pounds, I slipped my band.

I was so upset! My doc totally unfilled my band, and I was a few minutes away from needing surgery, had my band not gone in place. After a few weeks I got a small fill.

A few months later I slipped my band again. The doc believes (as do I) that the band had not fully healed from the first slip and that is why it slipped again .

So Another total unfill. Well, my husband had lost his job and I could not go back and get a fill due to financial reasons. So I went for a year being totally unfilled. In that year I gained over 40 lbs. I was horrified! In all honesty, I did not work out to try to keep the weight off either.

A few weeks ago I did get my fill finally.

Now we’ll see if the weight will come off… I have lost 11 pounds already in just a few weeks.

My advice for any WLS patient: the DAY you can start working out DO IT! And do not stop. I followed every rule to a ‘T’ except that one, and I wish I had!

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