What Are The First Couple Months After Gastric Sleeve Like?

by Sarah H.



My name is Sarah, I’m from just outside Philly. I have a BMI of 42 and I have Type II diabetes and a couple of other problems because of my weight.

I have been exploring my options, and I’ve become very curious about weight loss surgery.

After doing tons of research about the different types right now Gastric Sleeve is definitely my fav!

Here’s my question though. I’m a rather type A personality, so when I decide to do something I like to tackle it as soon and as hard as possible. So, I’m curious what my first couple months will look like after getting the sleeve if I decide to go that way.

My biggest concern is my diabetes. Lot’s of sources I read say that my diabetes should basically go away after I lose weight after my surgery. Is this true? How quickly does the average sleeve patient see their diabetes go away??

Thanks so much!

– Sarah

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Surgeon Response to "What Are The First Couple Months After Gastric Sleeve Like?

by: John Rabkin, M.D., Pacific Laparoscopy


After undergoing a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) patients can expect to lose up to a pound a day during the first six weeks depending on their initial height and weight. In my experience, my patients on average will lose roughly 30 pounds over that initial time period. The weight loss then slows down over time with many patients experiencing 'plateaus' of weight stabilization of varying lengths of time. Consequently, over the next six week period patients lose again about half that amount of weight, or roughly 15 pounds. Therefore, if you're an 'average patient,' plan on losing 40 to 50 pounds during the first three months after your VSG.

The resolution of diabetes mellitus (DM) is also quite gratifying after the VSG, although not as dramatically as with the 'bypass' type Weight Loss Surgical (WLS) procedures such as the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RNY) and the Duodenal Switch (DS) which 'cure' DM in more than 90% of cases. This is due to the alteration in the processing of the ingested nutrients that occurs in the 'bypass' WLS but not in the purely restrictive procedures such as the VSG. Over time, more than two thirds of morbidly obese Type 2 diabetic patients who undergo the VSG can anticipate resolution of their DM provided they don't subsequently regain the weight that they've lost after undergoing the VSG which, unfortunately, is a risk over time.

As you've self identified as a "type A" personality, I'm certain that you'll do well with your VSG and place yourself into the group of WLS patients who don't face weight regain over time by meticulously following the required diet and exercise regimen prescribed post procedure. This will also ensure that you'll be in the group of previously diabetic WLS patients who can bid farewell to their DM after their WLS!

John M. Rabkin, M.D.
Pacific Laproscopy


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