What’s the Definition of a Gastric Bypass?

by David
(Bismark, ND)


Dear LS Free House,

My name is David. I am fairly new to gastric surgery and have what I think is a pretty basic question for you:

I’ve been looking for a good, simple definition of gastric bypass surgery and just can’t seem to find it. Anyone out there got a good one for me??

Thanks so much, I appreciate any info you can get to me!

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Surgeon Response to "What's the Definition of a Gastric Bypass?"

by: John Rabkin, M.D., Pacific Laparoscopy


The term "Gastric Bypass Surgery" refers to a specific type of Weight Loss Surgery (WLS), a group of surgical procedures also referred to as Bariatric Surgical Procedures.

The Gastric Bypass involves separating the uppermost small portion of the stomach from the remainder of the stomach, dividing the proximal small intestine (jejunum) and then attaching the transected (cut) distal end of that small intestine to the small upper portion of the divided stomach and reattaching the other end (proximal end) of the transected small intestine further along on the small intestine in a 'Roux-en-Y' configuration which is why the "Gastric Bypass" is also commonly referred to as a "Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass."

In this configuration, ingested food 'bypasses' the majority of the stomach to flow into the small intestine. The majority of the stomach secretions, as well as the secretions from the pancreas and the bile produced by the liver, drain 'normally' and join the ingested food further down the length of the small intestine then they would naturally with unaltered anatomy.

This altered anatomy induces weight loss from having a reduced capacity of the stomach ("restriction") as well as altering the metabolism of the ingested nutrients due to the bypass.

John M. Rabkin, M.D.
Pacific Laparoscopy


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