When I was obese…they only saw obesity.

by Yvonne McCarthy
(Dallas, TX USA/Bariatric Girl Blog)


I’ve heard several people speak to the way they were treated before losing weight. I totally understand feeling that way. I now know that I am partially responsible for that. It’s really hard to project a positive image when you don’t feel like it, don’t believe it, and cannot see it. The one thing I can do is remember my part and then let it go. It’s in the past and I’m no longer locked in the prison of obesity.

I want to post something I did shortly after I first lost the weight. I wanted it to mean that no one took me seriously as a photographer, as a musician or an artist…when I was obese, they only saw the obesity. I just wanted someone to see the real me and not the shell of stuff that surrounded me. Every single person has something inside them and we should all take the time to look.

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Thank you

by: Julie

Well said!!!

I have conquered it all, except obesity

by: Louise

...& obesity is all they see. They call me Big Mama. In their dreams they could accomplish what I have in my life. I am a pilot, a musician, a scholar, a businesswoman, a mentor & an athlete. I lost 50 lbs a few years ago & suddenly became 'valuable'! Gained it back & now I am dispensable again.

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