Why I Chose the Lap-Band as My Weight Loss Surgery

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I’d like to tell you why I chose the Lap Band as the right weight loss surgery for me. First, I am not ‘anti’ any particular Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). I think different surgeries are a better match with different people both for individual eating issues and health issues. We each need to look at all our options and decide which one has the potential of working best for us.

Secondly, since my insurance covered weight loss surgery, the only two options available to me were Gastric Bypass (RNY) and the Lap Band (I also did a little research on the Sleeve in case I wasn’t approved by insurance). Here are my thoughts of why I chose the Lap Band instead of RNY as the best choice for me:

– Much less risky surgery. I’m adding something to my system, not taking any body parts away. The operation takes less than an hour, and is done as an outpatient procedure in many locations.

– Completely reversible. If I have any major problems, it can be taken out and my body will be returned to pre-Band state.

– Much less risk of serious bariatric surgery complications. Take a close look at all the studies of complication rates and you’ll soon see that the complications from the Lap Band are almost always minor issues. With RNY there are many more life-threatening complications that can happen. Also, if you look at complication numbers as a whole, remember that the fact that there is more aftercare with the LB (see below) will increase the Doc catching minor issues.

– Much more aftercare. My Doc would have more opportunity to give me feedback, support, and instruction. I knew that I always have questions as I get into new things and this would give me the opportunity to ask, making me more successful.

– Losing weight slowly was an option for me, and it’s a healthier way to lose weight. I didn’t have any imminently life threatening illnesses that would warrant the increased risks of RNY surgery and I learned that both the Lap Band and RNY end up at almost the exact same percentage of weight loss at three years post-op.

– No deprivation, no dieting. Dieting was the story of my former life and deprivation was a proven recipe for disaster for me. Many people with RNY get dumping syndrome with sugars (some with other foods as well) and have to eliminate it. Key to me was the fact that I could eat everything and would be doing the same thing from almost the beginning as I would when I was in maintenance (Editor’s note: See Bariatric Diet (what to eat) & Bariatric Eating (how to eat) for additional information on post surgery eating requirements)

– I knew I mostly needed help with portion control. I knew if the Band would really eliminate hunger between meals, then I could do my part.

– The new stoma/Band is adjustable FOREVER. If I ever get ill or need more calories/nutrition it can be unfilled as much as needed. The new Stoma (place where the Band constricts) can be kept at the perfect restriction… FOREVER. With other procedures, like RNY, the Stoma/pouch/sleeve will usually eventually stretch out somewhat and a perfect level of restriction is usually lost forever.

Reasons others have:

– For self-pay bariatric surgery it’s a much less costly procedure. Depending on your Doc’s plan (some include fills/visits), you may need to add in more post-care costs for the LB.

– If you don’t want to tell everyone about having WLS the fact that WL is slower with the LB makes WLS less evident to others.

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by: Patrick

Thanks for telling everyone about your decision making progress. Choosing the right procedure can be difficult.
For anyone interested, this website has a quiz to help you find the right procedure.

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