Why NOT to Drink From a Straw After Gastric Bypass Surgery

by John
(Glenmont, NY, USA)

Don't do it!

Don't do it!

I’m 5 days pre-op for RNY gastric bypass surgery and have been told that I can’t drink from a straw following surgery.

Why is that?

And how long until it’s safe to drink from a straw again?


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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA, Arcadia, California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi John,

I must say, I think Tonya has said it all, and I agree. Congrats on starting your weight loss journey.

And remember... No Straws!

Good Luck,
Troy LaMar MD

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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Why NOT to drink from a straw:

by: Tonya

Oh, & John, I don't believe we're ever to use straws after surgery...but you can always check w/your doc.

Why NOT to drink from a straw:

by: Tonya

The reason we aren't allowed to use straws or chew gum (I don't know about you, but I was big on BOTH), is that it causes air to enter our pouch. Doesn't seem detrimental... until you get the teeniest, most painful air bubbles in your pouch & have to wait for them to either come up or work their way down & out.Another reason is that the air takes up space in our pouch which we could be filling with protein, but we feel full, so we don't get that extra bit of protein.Even if your straw is in your cup & you have plenty of liquid as well, when you draw on that straw, before the liquid makes its way into your mouth, you'd think there's nothing in there, but that "nothing" is AIR. I've had my surgery (6 wks ago) & yes, I've cheated with a straw several times, usually while driving. Sometimes I get lucky, but it's the times I suffered that air that has made me swear off my beloved straws FOR GOOD. That pain made me feel like a gassy, colicky baby. As for gum, once in a great while & ONLY to try & calm nausea & if a mint is not available... and I only chew it long enough to get the calming effect of the mint, then I just kind of tuck it between my cheek & gums.Carbonated drinks are also off limits for the same reason: air. (Yes, once in a while I'll also self-torture & sneak a sip or two...but not via straws! LOL).I don't understand why your doc didn't explain all this, but I hope I was able to help.Best of luck on your surgery! And if they happen to send a straw on your trays - there was one on EVERY tray I got, despite the sign on the door - DO NOT USE IT!

CPAP and gas

by: Julia

I'm two years out of my gastric bypass and have to go back on my CPAP. It causes do much gas it's unbearable. When I'm on it, I can't sleep because I'm either burping or farting.

Plus my stomach hurts. Not supposed to drink out of a straw but yet they want me to use the CPAP. Been trying the CPAP since January. Was told I should have never quit using it. Any recommendations????

Gas and CPAP OSA

by: Nurse Miller

If you've got too much gas then your settings are too high. You need to see your Sleep MD again and likely have another study to determine your new settings.


by: Josh

I don't know, I seem to get as much air in my stomach just drinking from the cup as i do from a straw. I'm 10 weeks out now and it's hard gotten better. I have more energy now, and I am able to drink water now. For some reason after surgery, I was not able to drink water, it just hurt real bad.

freaking out on weight gain

by: Brenda Gallegos

It's only been 2yrs since my surgery, I lost 120 pounds had a bad surgery internal bleeding the surgeon said that I gave them a scare.

Anyway my smallest was 115 now I'm 130 I feel fat again don't want to go outside my hair is falling out OMG was this even worth it? I'm not sure that I am happy with myself... Feed back from any one.

Thank You

Why can't we drink out of straws

by: Bubbles

I was told that for the rest of my life to not use a straw because as others have stated, it causes air to get into our pouch. I have used one from just forgetting and that air pain is no joke, so no straws for me.

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