Why would I have stopped losing weight 4 1/2 months after my duodenal switch?

by Kathy
(Phoenix, Az.)


I had my duodenal switch on 3/10/11 and started out at 275. For the last 2 weeks, I have not lost any weight so I am stuck at 206. I am really getting upset and do not know what could be wrong or if this is normal.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

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DS weight loss

by: Kathy

Hi Brenda, Thank you for responding to me. You are so correct....I need to think about the weight loss and divide it by the months. I am happy to report that as of today, 9/1/11, I am now down to 193. So although the weight loss stalled for a bit, it has now started up again. I find it very hard to get all of the protein and water I need daily. Fruits that I used to love don't taste the same and I just really don't like much the food taste any more. My doctor said this is what happens with the DS procedure. I have not been exercising. I live in Arizona and was swimming just about every day, but due to the excessive heat warning we have been under for 2 weeks, it is even too hot to go in the warm pool. Hope to start up again in the next week. Sincerely, Kathy

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by: Brenda Seelbach

Hi Kathy, I had duodenal switch surgery too in February 2010 and have lost just shy of 200 pounds. But let me take a minute and congratulate you on your decision to take control of your obesity and also on your great success so far! You started at 275 pounds and in 4 months have lost 69 pounds - that's an impressive average of 17.25 pounds per month! WOW! Take a minute and absorb that. Remember that you are doing fantastic and that your body is shedding weight at an incredibly fast rate. I did not experience any major stalls with my DS, but I found it really helpful to weigh each week and write it down in my diet journal/calendar then really take a look at that every now and then - so I could really see the weight loss trending down. My suggestion is to keep to the basics your doctor told you. Eat more protein and get the amount they recommended for you. Eat it first and track/weigh it. Then get good carbs in - fruits and veggies and grains - don't let that junk food sneak back into your diet. Don't for get to drink your water too!Having said that, remember to get some exercise - it will help you feel better and you will continue to help gain muscle - with your rapid weight loss you don't want to be losing muscle!Take a long look in the mirror, know that you are doing the right thing, smile, then get on with your day! You are doing great. Keep in touch with me and we can keep encouraging each other! All the best, Brenda Related Pages: Bariatric Diet, Exercise for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

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